For people who haven’t experienced selling an old car before, the task might seem really tough. Actually, it can be a little tough. But by just following basic (which are usually ignored) steps, one can successfully seal the deal at the end. This article is about those basic steps, and a little bit about my family’s experience in selling our old car.

We all have different reasons as to why we sell our old cars. It’s probably because you fancy a new one, or you can’t maintain a lifestyle with a car, or you might need the money for something else. With the state of our economy nowadays, we always want to get rid of our old, but still very usable and in good condition properties by selling.

We had an old Kia Sportage that we needed to sell. It wasn’t because it was so old and hardly useful, but it was because we needed a bigger car for our growing family. A family of seven can hardly fit in a Sportage car. So, we all agreed that we were ready to part with it, when we were stuck with a question: Where can we sell our old car?

This article is all about the experience we had in selling our old car, as well as basic but easily forgotten tips in selling old cars.

Where can I sell my old car?

There are quite a number of used-car stores lately, all brimming with used cars ready to be bought. You can see them as competition or a potential buyer. You can always opt to sell your car to one of those used-car stores, but always be wary of hagglers. They know this business more than you do.

There are numerous websites that offer a great marketplace online; eBay, craigslist, and local buy-and-sell forums, to name a few. However, one should always be wary of shady transactions, as well as bogus buyers and joy reservers. Bogus buyers and joy reservers are people who seem like they’re interested in buying the item and then pull out at the last minute. Not only do they waste your time, you also turn down other potential customers because of them.

If you’re not comfortable with online transactions, try the good ol’ Post-it advertising way. Try posting some ads in front of your house or on the windows of your car. If you have some money to spare, you can even advertise in your local newspapers, just don’t forget to count all your ad costs and add it to the selling price of your car.

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