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It is very important to keep a few points in mind before going for a purchase of a car. Right from choosing the suitable model, finding the right car dealerships to getting all the possible information about the car, you need to be very careful as you can be duped at any point of time.

Find the right information about car dealerships

To find a car dealership you are comfortable working with is the most important step in the car purchase process. Finding a dependable, fair and honest car dealership is as important as finding the right car model. Here are few points, which will help you to find information about the right dealerships:

• Some responsible web sites rate auto dealers throughout the year on a nation wide basis. Type the name of any dealership at any major search engine to find reviews, ratings, complaints and more.
• You will find plenty of information about the particular dealer in their own websites but surely, they are biased and misleading. It is good to check their reputation from former and current customers.
• Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and local web forums for reports that can help you determine the reputation of a car dealer. The BBB has reports and ratings on car dealerships and different vehicles.
• You can also take the help of your auto insurance agent who is generally well equipped with information about the local car dealers.
• It is always best to go for dealer names that have been around for a long time and earned a respected place in the community.

Things to remember before buying used cars

If you are planning to buy a used car, it is very important to check the trust level of the dealers as some dealers have the tendency to trick you with a used vehicle that has been in a wreck or suffered poor maintenance or rough treatment throughout its lifetime. So, you must take the vehicle for a thorough checking by a mechanic you trust before you go for it.

How to choose the right car when you visit the dealer

It is very important for you to know one thing – do not buy a car the same day you first see it. The sales representative of the car dealership will employ different strategies to persuade you towards purchasing it immediately. Here are a few steps you should follow before choosing the right car model:

• Check out a few showrooms, visit car lots and do a lot of window shopping. Check out different models and take a few test drives and get a good knowledge about ride quality, fuel economy options, specifications etc. as these are very essential for a good car.
• Look for different features present on the vehicle that you are interested in. Check at least two cars with the same features for your own comparison.
• Go through more sources on price – data using consumer reports, Kelley Blue Book, or any similar source.
• Do little calculations to determine the actual cost of the vehicle. You do this by subtracting car dealer hold back, special incentives, rebates, etc. from the base cost. Now determine a reasonable amount of dealer profit and arrive at the target price. Few more dollars added and you get the “walk-away” price. So stick to your walk away price and approach the dealer.

How to choose the best used car dealer

Here are few points to help you chose the right used car dealer.

• Doing business with a reputed used car dealer is easy and tension free. Check out the local Better Business Bureau for report on used car dealers.

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